• Contains Meltblown fabric with filter feature
  • High filtration capacity.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Does not contain glas fiber.
  • Adjustable nose bar.
  • Perfect adaptability.


  • Wash your hands before touching the mask.
  • Inspect the mask for tears and holes.
  • Find the top side where metal piece is.
  • Place the metal piece over your nose.
  • Cover your mouth, nose and chin.
  • Avoid touching the mask.
  • Remove the mask from behind the ears.
  • Keep the mask away from you and surfaces while removing it.
  • Discard teh mask immediately after use prefably into a closed bin.
  • Wash your hand after disacrding the mask.


  • The product is for single use only. Do not resue.
  • Be careful not to use the same product for a long time.
  • Replace the product when it is dirty, wet or moist.
  • Do not use torn or pierced products.
  • The use of masks is more effective when used with general protection measures.
  • Protect from humidity and direct sunlight.