About Us

Always better than yesterday...

Kuteks Inc. was established in 1984 to operate in the production of medical consumables and became the successful representative of the group in the field of health by being included in the Uğur Group of Companies in 2002.

Kuteks, which started to shape its product diversity since the beginning of 1986 and has adopted the principle of catching European standards in quality, has reached its goal today and has set new targets for itself.

Since entering the health sector, the name Kuteks has started to be associated with high quality medical products. Kuteks has become one of the biggest manufacturers of the industry with medical textile products such as bandages, sterilized hydrophilic gauze, sterilized gauze compresses, all kinds of elastic bandages, corsets and knee pads.

Continuing to grow with the investments made, the company introduced new medical products to the market in 2010 with the Fortune brand. Digital thermometers, blood pressure devices, bandages, wound pads, sterile syringes, surgical masks, pregnancy test, orthopedic products are available. Fortune brand continues its researches to increase its product diversity in line with the demands of its valuable customers.

Kuteks serves in modern and hygienic conditions in two separate buildings of 12,566 square meters in total, established on an area of 32,498 square meters.

All production departments are equipped with modern, hygienic and up-to-date technology for the purpose, and the "understanding of quality" is constantly kept under control with laboratories and quality control departments in accordance with the relevant regulations, directives and standards.

Our quality products are marketed to customers around the world with professional, expert and experienced marketing & sales staff.

Kuteks products are offered directly to pharmacies and hospitals through medical stores. They are also exported to many developed European countries and many foreign countries.

Our Environment and Quality Policy

Our Environment Policy

• To determine, control and reduce environmental impacts that are or may occur as a result of our production activities.

• To comply with all environmental laws, regulations and other legal requirements while performing our activities.

• To continuously improve our environmental performance by increasing the environmental awareness of our employees.

• To reduce waste by using raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently.

• By controlling our wastes, to prevent environmental pollution or to minimize it at its source.

Our Quality Policy

• Transforming quality into a lifestyle and ensuring its continuity at Kuteks A.Ş.

• To maintain and improve our Quality Management System, which is established according to the internationally accepted 93/42 / EEC Medical Device Regulation and ISO: 13485: 2003 Quality Management System Standard, and to follow the results with measurable and comparable data.

• Ensuring that products and services always comply with legal regulations and customer expectations,

• To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in our pre-sales and post-sales activities in the best way, to increase customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction by providing the most economical service.

• To equip our employees with trainings in line with the understanding of continuous education, to ensure their participation, to enrich the potential and to ensure employee satisfaction by providing ergonomic working conditions to our employees in all units.

• To develop mutual business relations with our suppliers, which are our strategic partners, and to be in close cooperation, to grow and develop with them.

• To ensure continuous improvement by reviewing system performance in line with quality targets and performing corrective, preventive and improving actions.