Human Resources

Human Resources

Our employees, our most valuable resource, lie at the basis of the justified success of our company. Our company primarily aims to satisfy its employees due to their direct effect on customer satisfaction.

Career Management: In order to ensure employee development and their contribution to the company, our company ensures that employees participate in training programs at different times and supports their individual development and strives to reach their individual career goals.

Education: In our company; The professional and personal development of our employees who are the architects of our reliable brand is supported with the trainings given; and the "knowledge capital", which is the most important resource of the organization, is strengthened.

• All our companies under the umbrella of Ugur Group, engage their businesses respectful to the terms of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

the work of the United Nations, the Republic of Turkey is a party engages in respectful to the terms of the Declaration of Human Rights.

• Ugur Group of Companies applies employee/employer applications compatible with the ILO Convention and with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.