• Gauze Bandages are 100% cotton yarn woven dressing materials with knitted edges.
  • While helping to keep the wound clean, it allows the skin to breathe and helps the wound heal with its permeability feature thanks to its woven structure.
  • Its high absorbency feature prevents excess moisture around the wound area.
  • It is woven as 22 thread and is produced in compliance with TS EN 14079 standards.


  • It is used to fix the dressing materials placed on the wound and to protect the wound from external effects, to stop bleeding in the arms and legs and to prevent swelling. It is used as an auxiliary material for the fixation and immobility of the area in fractures. Starting from the bottom of the area to be applied, wrap it upwards. When wrapping, be careful not to be too tight. To fix the applied gauze bandage use plaster etc.


  • The product is for single use only. Do not use again.
  • Products applied too tightly can damage the blood circulation.
  • Apply in a way that does not interfere with the movement of joints and moving areas.
  • Protect from moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold.
  • If an unexpected effect (skin irritation, etc.) is seen, apply to the nearest health unit.