• Soft Universal Lüx Compression Bandage is a knitted type pressure bandage with 90% - 110% Elasticity.
  • Its soft structure provides comfort in application.
  • Soft Lux bandages that can stretch longitudinally provide long-term support and compression by maintaining their flexibility, and are not easily deformed.
  • It is made of cotton yarn, Polyamide and elastane. Thanks to its high cotton content, it helps the skin to breathe.
  • Washable, reusable.
  • Pink and dark blue colors are available.
  • Each product has clips to fix the bandage.


  • It is used for moderate pressure in cases of sprains, strains and tension and for fixing dressing materials on the wound.
  • It can be used easily for first aid purposes in accidents and sports injuries. In addition, it can be used as an auxiliary material for fixation and immobility of the area in fractures, to protect the wound from external effects, to stop bleeding in the arms and legs and to prevent swelling.
  • The bandage is stretched at an appropriate rate to achieve the desired compression, wrapped in the relevant body area and fixed with the help of clips.


  • Wash in warm water without rubbing.
  • It can be dried by laying without stretching.
  • Do not iron or use bleach.
  • Protect from moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold.
  • If an unexpected effect (skin irritation, etc.) is seen, apply to the nearest health unit.