• It is specially designed to measure ambient and body temperature.
  • It uses the infrared feature for accurate measurements with high precision.
  • It has an audible notification function with a red screen at high body temperature.
  • It can save 32 measurement values.
  • It has LCD digital display and 3 color (Red, Orange, Green) backlight.
  • It can measure Fahrenheit ° F and centigrade ° C.
  • It has automatic shut-off feature.
  • It is easy to carry with its small size.
  • With the body temperature measurement mode, it can measure the temperature of any object with an emissivity of 0.95 below 100 ° C.


       Body Temperature

  • Press the measurement button to turn the thermometer on and the LCD screen is displayed. After two beeps it will be ready for measurement.
  • Make sure that the thermometer's body mode is turned on.

       Object Temperature

  • Press the measurement button to turn on the thermometer, make sure the thermometer is in object mode after the measured room temperature.


  • Keep the sensor clean before use.
  • It is recommended to start measuring 10 minutes after the thermometer has been moved to a new environment to ensure measurement accuracy.
  • After measuring extremely high temperature or very low temperature objects, wait 10 minutes to measure body temperature.
  • When the measurement (object or person) is taken from an environment with a temperature difference, wait 5 minutes to start a measurement.
  • Water, perspiration and cosmetic product residue on the forehead surface can affect the measurements. Do not measure body temperature for 30 minutes after exercise, bathing or eating.