Introduction & Ingredients

  • Kuteks Puri band is a fever indicator strip which uses thermal chemical cell’s array to detect body temperature.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic copolymer, Ethyl acetate
  • Printing fabric: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Thermochomic: Polyoxymethylenemelamine, Styrene maleic anhydride monomethyl, Methyl stearate, Ethyl stearate, Blue/Red-37.5


  • This product lays on top of the release paper. On the bottom of the product, there is an adhesive and a white fabric. Adhesive helps the white fabric to stay intact on our skin.
  • Both the adhesive and the white fabric are same as the ones used in Band-Aids, which causes no harm unless the person has a specific allergy.
  • On top of the white fabric, there are three layers of thermochomic that changes color depending on the body temperature.

       Color Changing

  • Change of color depending on the temperature
  • Brown (Body temp < 35°C) : Low Temperature"
  • Green (36°C < Body temp < 37.5°C) : Normal Temperature"
  • Yellow (37.5°C < Body temp) : High Temperature"


  • Before using Kuteks Puri band
  • Check the packaging of the product. Do not use the product if there are any defects in the product."
  • Do not use expired products."
  • Before attaching Kuteks Puri band, make sure that the skin is clean and dry"
  • Do not use the tape on a second person after sticking it to the body."

       How to use

  • Peel off the Kuteks Puri band"
  • Attach the Band directly to the body part where temperature can easily be transferred, such as wrists and neck areas. (Depending on the individual, the body part that temperature can easily be transferred might be different)"
  • Check the color frequently after attaching the band. (Check the band on indoor temperature condition; around 18℃ to 38℃)"
  • When checking the color change, make sure that the KuteksPuriband is not exposed to heat (hot or cold) other then body heat."
  • The product does not lose its feature when exposed to any chemicals. (cologne, perfume, deodorant, disinfectant, etc.) However when applied on a substance that instantly drops the body temperature, the band might not be able to detect the right temperature for that time being."
  • The usage time is 2-3 days depending on the dryness of the area used and whether it is exposed to impact or not after the KuteksPuriband is attached. It may not stick again after it is removed."


  • Do not put the band on high temperature environment that exceeds 100℃(212℉)"
  • Do not store the band in a humid environment for long period. It might affect the performance of the band"
  • Keep KuteksPuriband out of the reach of children and in its packaging."


  • Warnings For your safety
  • Kuteks Puriband is a hypoallergenic product.
  • Stop using the band as soon as the skin shows allergic reaction"
  • The Kuteks Puri band is harmless. But do not put the band in the mouth or eat them, do not apply on eyes."
  • If aplied to infant, take extra care of the skin reaction, and avoid applying the band around their wrist since they might swallow them"
  • If the band is yellow, the body temperature is above 37.5 ° C. Make sure that the tape is not exposed to heat other than body heat and consult your doctor."