• It is a Class I Sterile, Non-invasive dressing material.
  • Thanks to its 100% cotton texture, it helps the skin to breathe.
  • 20 thread gauze with hydrophilic feature is obtained by folding the gauze in a way that it does not give free fibers from the edges.
  • It has been sterilized by steam sterilization method.
  • It is produced in compliance with TS EN 14079 standards.
  • Thanks to its hydrophilic feature, it has high absorbency against bleeding.


  • Sterile Gauze Swabs; It is used in minor injuries, to clean and close the wound, to dressing other serious injuries and surgical wounds.
  • It is used as a mechanical barrier for secretion absorption and suppression. It is suitable for the care and dressing of extracorporeal wounds.
  • Before opening the package, the user should clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water. If possible, the product should be used with a sterile forceps, if not, only by holding from the corner and immediately after removing it from its packaging.


  • The product is for single use only.
  • Do not reuse used product or opened package.
  • Protect from moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold.
  • If the injury is moderate or severe, definitely seek medical help.
  • If an unexpected effect (skin irritation, etc.) is seen, apply to the nearest health unit.
  • Check the package for integrity (tears, holes, etc.) before use.