• They are single-use sterile syringes used for intramuscular, intradermal, intravenous injection of drug solutions or for taking fluid from the body.
  • It consists of three parts that can be separated; A disposable hypodermic needle, cylinder, and rubber piston seal.
  • Pyrogen nontoxic, luer lip.
  • It has a piston designed for injection at the required dosage.
  • It has been sterilized by the Ethylene Oxide method.


  • The needle included in the product package; After correctly attached to the tip of the syringe, the vaccine or drug solution to be injected is drawn with a piston and administered to the patient. It should never be reused after the application, it should be thrown into the medical waste bin immediately.


  • It is for single use only.
  • Do not use with paraldehyde.
  • Do not use the product if the package is torn / hole.
  • After use, dispose of as medical waste.
  • Do not resterilize again.
  • Protect from moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold.